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On Agora


Anfal and Islamic Economics-Part Two

انفال و اقتصادیات اسلامی
نوشته مهرداد وهابی
ترجمه یپرم خان 
فصل پنجم قسمت دوم
On Agora
Translation of Chapter Five from "Destructive Coordination" by Mehrdad Vahabi

Anfal and Islamic Economics-Part One

انفال و اقتصادیات اسلامی - مهرداد وهابی - یپرم خان هایریک - فصل پنجم - قسمت اول
On Agora
Translation of Chapter Five - Mehrdad Vahabi

Immanuel Wallerstein’s Thousand Marxisms

On Agora
مصاحبه با امانوئل والرشتاین، برگردان فارسی: امانوئل شکریان

Criticism of Foucault’s Interpretation of Iran’s 1979 Revolution

On Agora
Maxime RodinsonTranslation: Amin Javanmard

Hobbes and the Two Faces of Ethics

On Agora
Arash Abizadeh, Translated by Reyhaneh Gholami

How does Gödel’s proof work?

On Agora
Natalie Wolchover

The Postcolonial Light: Critique of the Third World in the Age of Global Capitalism

On Agora
Arif DirlikTranslation: Shahram Kiani

The Socialist Transformation of Man

Lev VygotskyTranslation: Emmanuel Shokrian

The Postcolonial Theory Towards Globalizing Critical Psychology

Desmond PainterTranslator: Emmanuel Shokrian

Source and Nature of Authority

On Agora
Translated by Reyhaneh Gholami

Husserl Marxism

On Agora
Reyhaneh Gholami

Paulo Freire’s Radical Method Rooted in Brazil’s Historical Inequalities

Bernardo BianchiTranslation: Shahram Kiani
بازیابی بیشتر

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