News report about ICCI conference by Asoo website

News report about ICCI conference by Asoo website


The holding of the ICCI International Conference on Contemporary Iranian Studies in The Hague by Iran Academia and in cooperation with the International Institute of Social Studies – Erasmus ISS, which was held with the support of The Hague Municipality and the media support of Zamane Radio on August 26 and 27, 2022 in the ISS building, drew the attention of numerous media outlets. The language Farsi was placed. Also published on the Asoo website is a report on the ICCI conference:

This News rerelease is presented in Persian.


Mansoureh Shojaei
Mansoureh Shojaei
Author, researcher, and women's rights activist

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Speech of Zohreh Rajabi
ICCI 2022
Women's perceptions of overall health and unsafety in urban spaces: A qualitative and case study based analysis of Tehran’s urban areas
Hall 1- English
ٍEnglish Day
A Conversation with Kamran Matin by Anahita Hosseini
Speech of Jalil Roshandel
ICCI 2022
Historical Analysis of Iran's Foreign Policy and Its Main Approaches During the 14th Century(sh)
Conference Schedule
Conference schedule 2022
Speech of Kheyzaran Esmaeilzadeh
ICCI 2022
"National Art" in The visual Arts of Modern Iran and its Transformations
سخنرانی فاطمه صادقی
ICCI 2022
"Quiet Encroachment" Of Vendor Women On Subway In Tehran [English]

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