The 14th Century(sh) and the Challenges of Muslim Intellectuals [speech]

The 14th Century(sh) and the Challenges of Muslim Intellectuals [speech]



Mohsen Mottaghi
Mohsen Mottaghi
Sociologist, Author
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This article examines the birth of the Muslim intellectual movement in the fourteenth century and its ups and downs in Iran’s contemporary history. In order to better comprehend this movement, we will study four generations of Muslim intellectuals whose primary focus is revising the Islamic intellectual framework in order to adapt it to modern principles. The objective of this article is to illustrate the tight relationship between the intellectual endeavors of this movement and the social developments in Iran, as evidenced by the intellectual examples of each age.

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سخنرانی محسن متقی

ICCI2022، Iran and the Turn of the Century
Mohsen Mottaghi

The full article of this speech has been published in Azadi Andisheh Journal No. 11 (see below).

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Mohsen Mottaghi
FTJ Issue No.11
The Fourteenth SH Century and the Challenges of Muslim Intellectuals

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