Touraj Atabaki

Emeritus Professor of Social History of the Middle East and Central Asia at Leiden University.

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Toraj Atabaki

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پوستر رونمایی کتاب طلعت پاشا
With the author and translator from Australia
Book Review
Book Launch - "Talaat Pasha" - With the author and translator
Enayat Fani Event in The Hague
Touraj Atabaki's Conversation With Enayat Fani
Book Review
Journalism for Forty Years, Poetry for a Lifetime - Enayat Fani
Editorial Team
Lessons from "Woman, Life, Freedom"- No.6
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ICCI 2022
Coverage of Iran International TV of ICCI 2022 and the Iran Academia Conference
سخنرانی فرهاد خسروخاور، مارال کریمی
The Social Movements Panel
Toraj Atabaki
Touraj Atabaki
دریافت داده بیشتر

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